CD14 Survey on Verdugo Road

Council District 14, the office of Councilmember Huizar, currently has a survey open to capture your thoughts on Verdugo Road in Glassell Park.


Please submit a survey to let our local representative know how you feel, and to let them know you want to see positive change in the community. Let’s ask that they do something about the speeding cars on Verdugo Road, so the neighborhood can be friendlier for all who walk, run, bike and drive here.

Survey here: Verdugo Road Improvements Survey

Upcoming Meetings to Attend

There are 2 important meetings coming up hosted by the Glassell Park Improvement Association where you can learn more about the proposed changes for Verdugo Road (and Fletcher Drive, as well)!

While we started this conversation around Verdugo, Fletcher Drive is another local street on which cars drive dangerously fast, in an area with many bike commuters and lots of people walking to the nearby elementary school.

Happily, there is a plan to make Fletcher Drive more accessible for all! You can attend a meeting to hear about the proposal & more info can be found here:!CD13-Fletcher-Streetscape/olwtq/57202a9f0cf269c350f0fc96

Fletcher Drive meeting- May 12, 7pm at Glassell Park Senior Center

As for Verdugo Road’s safety improvements, there will be a workshop to go over the streetscape changes:

Verdugo Road workshop- May 19, 7pm at Glassell Park Senior Center

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Community outreach is important and I hope you will attend either or both of these meetings, or share this info with neighbors. Thanks for your support of safer streets!


Why Implement Safety Enhancements on Verdugo?

 How would bike lanes, crosswalks & sidewalk extensions benefit the community?

-Adding these safety features will reduce excessive speeding, which helps to improve safety for all, especially those most vulnerable (young & elderly).

-It is good for business to make the sidewalk atmosphere of Verdugo Village more inviting, which happens when faster traffic is positioned farther from storefronts.

-Enhance local bicycle network. Bike lanes on Verdugo would connect to bike-friendly Maple St in Glendale and existing bike lanes on Eagle Rock Blvd.

– Promote walking. Verdugo is a beautiful tree-lined street that locals should be able to enjoy by foot but it can be intimidating to walk on as a pedestrian (especially when trying to cross the street) & noisy when cars go too fast.

-With dedicated space for bikes, people driving and people biking have an easier time navigating around each another. 

– Residents along Verdugo can back their cars out of their driveways more easily without worrying about oncoming traffic.

– Adding and improving crosswalks on Verdugo will make it easier for drivers to keep an eye out for pedestrians.

– With fast-moving traffic positioned farther from the curb, bus riders waiting on the sidewalk will have a safer & more pleasant experience.

From AARP Livability Fact Sheet

AARP on benefits of road diets:

Show Support for Safety: Sample Letter

Here are the email addresses where you can send your support for a safer Verdugo:;;

SUBJECT: Support for a Safer Verdugo Road

Here is the sample letter (feel free to add your personal experiences!):

Dear Councilmember Huizar and staff,

I am a resident of Northeast Los Angeles and I travel on Verdugo Road. I am uncomfortable with the current road conditions that allow for excessive speeding. There have been many collisions on this street and I want to see Verdugo made safer for those who drive, bike and walk here.

I am writing to show my support for safety enhancements on Verdugo Road from Eagle Rock Boulevard to the Glendale City border, including provisions such as:

  • conversion of travel lane into bike and center-turn lanes
  • more visible crosswalks
  • sidewalk repairs and extensions
  • intersection enhancements
  • bus stop lighting

Thank you,

Your Name Here