Show Support for Safety: Sample Letter

Here are the email addresses where you can send your support for a safer Verdugo:;;

SUBJECT: Support for a Safer Verdugo Road

Here is the sample letter (feel free to add your personal experiences!):

Dear Councilmember Huizar and staff,

I am a resident of Northeast Los Angeles and I travel on Verdugo Road. I am uncomfortable with the current road conditions that allow for excessive speeding. There have been many collisions on this street and I want to see Verdugo made safer for those who drive, bike and walk here.

I am writing to show my support for safety enhancements on Verdugo Road from Eagle Rock Boulevard to the Glendale City border, including provisions such as:

  • conversion of travel lane into bike and center-turn lanes
  • more visible crosswalks
  • sidewalk repairs and extensions
  • intersection enhancements
  • bus stop lighting

Thank you,

Your Name Here

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