Why Implement Safety Enhancements on Verdugo?

 How would bike lanes, crosswalks & sidewalk extensions benefit the community?

-Adding these safety features will reduce excessive speeding, which helps to improve safety for all, especially those most vulnerable (young & elderly).

-It is good for business to make the sidewalk atmosphere of Verdugo Village more inviting, which happens when faster traffic is positioned farther from storefronts.

-Enhance local bicycle network. Bike lanes on Verdugo would connect to bike-friendly Maple St in Glendale and existing bike lanes on Eagle Rock Blvd.

– Promote walking. Verdugo is a beautiful tree-lined street that locals should be able to enjoy by foot but it can be intimidating to walk on as a pedestrian (especially when trying to cross the street) & noisy when cars go too fast.

-With dedicated space for bikes, people driving and people biking have an easier time navigating around each another. 

– Residents along Verdugo can back their cars out of their driveways more easily without worrying about oncoming traffic.

– Adding and improving crosswalks on Verdugo will make it easier for drivers to keep an eye out for pedestrians.

– With fast-moving traffic positioned farther from the curb, bus riders waiting on the sidewalk will have a safer & more pleasant experience.

From AARP Livability Fact Sheet

AARP on benefits of road diets: http://www.aarp.org/livable-communities/info-2014/road-diets-fact-sheet.html

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