Our Vision for a Safer Verdugo

This site is brought to you by your neighbors: long-time Angelenos who live, work and play in Northeast LA. We’re residents and stakeholders who want to see our community of Verdugo Village reach its fullest potential.

As it is now, Verdugo Road (from Eagle Rock Boulevard to Las Plumas Street) is a wide street on which cars move very fast. In recent years there have been many collisions resulting in injuries and a fatality,  a result of excessive speeding on this corridor. With the implementation of safety features such as additional and improved crosswalks & bike lanes, Verdugo Road can become a safer, more inclusive space for all.

We urge the Department of Transportation and Council District 14 to move forward with the safety enhancements designated for this neighborhood in Mobility Plan 2035A “road diet” which adds a center turn lane and bike lanes on each side (by removing  a travel lane), would be a positive step forward for the community.